Thabi Nyoni Instagram Multiple Accounts FunctionalityBreaking News!

That’s right in Social Media World, this is news worthy. What is it? You wonder.

It is one thing everyone with more than one Instagram account has been anxiously waiting for. Some got it earlier than others. Those are the android users! How could Instagram betray us iOS users and keep us waiting. You see as iOS users we are not used to waiting. We are used to getting first dibs. So we will just assume Instagram wanted to make sure we are not dissappointed and kept test and test for our ULTIMATE satisfaction.

Instagram has done it again. They have finally released this functionality to iOS users too. Ok, wait before you rush off and pull out your app to check it out, there is a little disclaimer: They are releasing it slowly in phases. I’m just excited because finally it is here and I can save time on Instagram.

If you only have one Instagram account consider yourself lucky. You see, you could only login to one account at a time, if you have multiple accounts. So that meant, keeping tract of multiple accounts and passwords. And you know how that goes when you trying to enter the correct password!

How do I check if I am one of the lucky one’s too?

Tap the settings icon and “add account”

Do you see it? If yes enjoy. It feels like a new toy doesn’t it.

No?! Looks like the wait is not yet over for you, however you can look forward to this heading your way soon.