Don’t Go To Disney Without This You Will Thank Me Later

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Thinking of heading to Disney?

December marks one of the most anticipated months of the year for retailers and online stores alike. A time that seasonally has shoppers headed into brick and mortar stores to buy that perfect gift for a loved one. A time for travel plans for some to avoid the winter cold weather or simply a break from it all. Thinking of going to Disney for the Christmas break with the kids? Not a bad idea if you ask me. Any reason to go to Disney is a good idea, but a strategy plan for your trip will make this trip worth the while to you.

Travelling away during the holidays can be great for your mindset. Use the time away to reflect on your accomplishments, unplug, give yourself permission to take a break and most importantly a time to get into the holiday spirit. Your business can still survive if you take some time off. And sometimes we just need to hear someone say that to us. It won’t happen magically off course. This requires a bit of planning before you take off. Wondering how you can accomplish this too and actually take a week or two off. We can schedule a 1 on 1 session and discuss this in detail.

In case you have not noticed yet, the holiday season is here and with it comes the hustle and bustle of the seasons. Setting up systems that run automatically during the holiday break is a great idea and can be used over and over again for any other time of the year.

Then there are of course holiday party invitations, gifts from clients, gifts to clients, suppliers, friends and family. This can get very overwhelming and expensive very quickly.

One of the Canadian traditions during this time of the year is to take advantage of the school break and travel South. Where the temperature is nothing but warmth and inviting. An opportunity to escape from the snow and the busiest time of the year. Take of some pressure and just simple relax in the sun!

Do not forget this when you go, it was one of the essential things that made our trip most memorable.

Not going to Disney? You can still enjoy the experience by watching our highlights here:




Strategic Planning To Gain Views On Youtube

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As an online business strategist, I am always curious to figure how things work. Nothing is really by chance. All those YouTube accounts with millions of subscribers did not happen just by chance. It takes a lot of work but it all starts with STARTING.

If you do not try, give it a shot, you will not know the outcome. However, the first step is always to take that leep of faith. Upload that video and watch the results. A week ago today, we witnessed one of the most watched weddings of the year, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Notice what I just did there, I just reference to his Royal Highness and her Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I strategically used their names and added them to this post so that I can later add their names to my tags, helps with the google ranking of this article. Another reason, their wedding is one of the most googled search phrases right now, so I am strategically riding on their coat tails so to speak.

The same applies in your business and in this case your YouTube Channel.

thabinyoni-youtube video strategies

YouTube Views

Guilty confession, I was testing out YouTube, figuring out how to master this platform that I honestly have not given much thought, however, I need to master it so, in order to inturn advise my clients. One key element with YouTube is to continuously be posting videos. Please note, not just random videos, but strategic videos, videos that speak to your audience. Know your audience and what questions they are asking in order to answer that question with a video.

YouTube has a high price to gain monetary exposure from this platform directly from YouTube, but it provides a global platform like no other to build your audience and sell to them via your websites or affiliate links.

… But how?

Simple, on YouTube you need to accumulate 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers, on your channel within 12months, before you can start making money from YouTube. Honestly that’s a lot of hours. It is not impossible, however it takes strategic planning. My video has earned me 1,000 hours and over 30,000 views as I type this post. This video is organic and is growing all on its own, and these stats are only from one week. I predict within a year I will have accumulated the 4,000 hours required to monetize this channel. However my work is not done. There is also the question of how to accumulate the 1,000 subscribers.

…How did a YouTube Channel with no SUBSCRIBERS gain over 60,000 views in 7 days?

Seems impossible right?! Everything is possible with a strategy in play.

Tips to gain views for your video:

  1. Use of a controversial title, while everyone else was posting videos on Meghan and Harry, I picked a different angle altogether, however still relative to the Royal Wedding.
  2. Using a catchy custom YouTube Thumbnail also known as click bait
  3. Use of the Royal Wedding, a globally viewed event and joining the conversation ahead of the crowd to gain views
  4. Use of YouTube Studio and tracking how your video is doing, adjust where needed.
  5. Add additional videos related to the topic and create a playlist to keep viewers on your channel. Adds more than views as well to your other channels.
  6. Engage with your viewers, ask them to subscribe to your channel
  7. Use the description area to your advantage, you have up to 5,000 characters in the description section, so ensure to add all relevant information along with links to your other social Media platforms. This will ensure the viewer/subscribers sees your brand in other platforms as well as they become familiar with your brand. Tip – adding a link to a paid or free product will help monetize this channel on your website and grow your revenue.

Want to know how to apply this to your specific channel. I go into more detail in my eBook available here.

Comment below if you found this post helpful.


One Question Everyone Asked About My Recent Trip To Disney

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I just got back from an amazing Spring Break Trip to Walt Disney World located in Orlando, Florida. I have to confess, going to Disney has not been on my bucket list of things to do, EVER, as a matter of fact I have never dreamt of going there.

Fast forward to February, 2018, I received notification of the upcoming spring break schedule and began to look for last minute spring break vacation ideas for what I can do with my 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter.

Walt Disney Ticket Counter

I quickly realised we needed to go somewhere warm as the 2018 Canadian winter had been so long and cold this year. I quickly did a google search that revealed that we must go to Florida to warm up. Travelling with 2 children is not the easiest thing so I chose to go somewhere close and convenient for a 5 day vacation. I did not prepare for how, I would be in awe once we arrived at Walt Disney World. It has to be one of the best experiences I have had to date. As soon as we saw the purple highways signs,we were so excited. My children squealed with joy. There is something about the Disney business model that is just captivating. Everything about it is designed to keep you happy. All the employees are ever smiling and are quick to jump to assistance. Their mandate is clear, keep all guests happy including the youngest guests.

What I was not counting on or had no idea was the amazing time we would have and that this would officially be in my children’s eyes “The best day ever!” Even the Disney Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom was the highlight of our trip. Press Play ( YouTube video ) for highlights from the Fantasy Parade

They had no idea until they actually got to Disney that they were about to experience their greatest dreams.

I will never forget the joy and excitement they had and I thought let me capture this moment and let other families know that Disney can be anyone’s reality.

I certainly have learnt from our trip and the one thing that everyone keeps asking over and over again is:

how did we survive the long queues.

Each time I answered back we did not have to line up, the responses would equally be astonished. So I have written this eBook, that will be available June 1, 2018 on Amazon for Kindle download: The Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom which provides tips and tricks to avoid the lineups at Magic Kingdom Park and experience the excitement and Magic with out having to worry about how long you will have to line up for an attraction. Join my mailing list to receive an alert once the eBook is ready.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me for your upcoming trip to Disney, I will be happy to answer. I am available via my email address or on Social Media: Instagram DM, Facebook. 

Disney Magic Kingdom Guide For First Time Visitors.


Why I Love What I Do and Why You Should Too.

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Why I Love What I Do

There is such an adrenaline rush I get when I speak to women in business and show them how by changing their business tools and using resources will help them overall.

What gives me an even bigger rush is when they implement these strategies and see the results. That alone, seeing my clients get results and watch their business transform and grow, that is my ultimate satisfaction.

When I talk to online business owners, a lot of them tell me why they are frustrated and that nothing they have tried on their own is working for them.

I get it, because I have been in the same boat! I have not always been the confident woman in business. In fact I started out with no clue if anything at all will work as I had planned.

But somehow along the way, I saw results and this propelled me to track my performance and repeat the success model, with that I started helping others solving their “business problems”.

I realized that many of the people who were coming to me for help had one thing in common, a desire to succeed and do better but they were overworked and super stressed trying to figure everything out on their own. Trying to learn every Social Media platform there is, spending time trying to do their own book keeping, trying to work out their mailing processes. All this contributed to their stress levels and took time from what it is they actually where good at.

That’s about the time that I started offering coaching services and teaching other women in business digital strategies

and Why You Should Too

I realized that I was now helping women to earn more in their businesses, so they could take better care of their families financially and in turn afford to hire experts to help in the areas they were not so great at and free up their precious time to do what they really were good at.

This is why I love what I do!

And it all started with my passion and teaching women in business how to be successful using what they already have.

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and benefit from helpful tips that you can start to implement today by creating a passive income revenue source.



Lesson’s learned from Olympics 2016

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Team Canada Opening Ceremony Rio 2016

Day 13 of the Olympics in Rio and it has been a great 13 days that had me dusting my remote control and actually watching day time TV.

Pause to ‘Netflix and binge’ watching sessions and bye bye Paw Patrol for my two toddlers, as mummy took back the remote control for just a week. I found myself watching these Olympic games as I do every 4 years, but this time was a little different. Firstly I am 4 years older than the last games and secondly access to the TV has been limited due to the kids. They pretty much run the show around here.

After day 2 they pretty much got the message and now started to enjoy watching the Olympics with mummy.

Thabi Nyoni Olympics 2016

What was most interesting to watch, was my kids competitive spirit and creativity come out. I had a few marathons go down in my hallway. I think I saw them pretend swimming on the floor, as they both had the backstroke going on at some point. I guess that is easier with the imaginary pool.

My daughter turned our backyard into the 100M track. I had to count how many seconds it took her to run from the cabana to the gate and back. She was aiming for 1 second. It actually took 18 seconds. At this point she quit because she really wanted to make it back in 1 second. She went on to attempt a second time and made it back in 20 seconds. She threw in the towel and went off to another activity. So her record best time was 18 seconds or is it her personal best. Today I am using Olympics lingo. Just because that’s all I have heard for the last 13 days.


Here is what I have learned from the Olympics:

  1. How to negotiate with a toddler for the TV remote.
  2. Shaunae Miller has taught me to do what ever it takes to win! Dive across the finish line and have the critics look up the rules just so they find something to say about your dive. shaunae-miller-dives for gold Thabi Nyoni
  3. Usain Bolt is actually a very friendly guy. Andre De Grasse from Team Canad
  4. Demonstrated twice first time with Wayde van Niekerk of South African and secondly with our very own Andre De Grasse from Team Canada. Whooooo hoooooo. Forgive me for cheering there but I must wave Canadian flag with pride. Andre De Grasse from Team Canada and Usain Bolt
  5. Fashion is a thing at the Olympics, make up, glitter eye shadow, those hair bands, country colors for hair extensions, tatoos , so much to see.
  6. There is a thing called a podium sweep. That’s when all three medals, gold, silver and bronze go to one country. Ok then teamUSA thanks for the quick lesson on how to dominate the entire competition.
  7. Community over competition is not just a hashtag its an actual thing shown through the Olympics. Andre De Grasse from Team Canada and Usain Bolt of Jamaica
  8. It’s ok to out do your seniors, mentors, Elaine Thompson of Jamaica who won gold and Shelly-Ann Fraiser-Pryce won silver.
  9. I should have really taken my high jump and long jump skills seriously. Who knows I could have won a medal for Zimbabwe.

Are you on Instagram Stories Yet?

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Wait a minute, I should pause and change that question. Let me start over. Have you heard about Instagram Stories? If you answered no to that question and are still wondering what Instagram Stories is, then this blog post is here to bring you up to speed. I can pretty much sum it all up in one sentence.

Instagram Stories is Snapchat. Period!

Yes, Instagram surprised us yesterday and quietly released it’s latest platform update, simply named INSTAGRAM STORIES. When I say this Instagram Stories is Snapchat. I mean just that. If you have not yet tried out Snapchat, don’t worry, just master Instagram Stories and Voila you have also mastered Snapchat. Killing two birds with one stone. Pretty much.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat _Thabi Nyoni

Ok to be fair, they are similar. Actually too similar. Similar as in Copy and Paste.

I could not get over how similar they are. But maybe I am being to judgemental here. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you have the power to just add a feature, wait a minute, I’m struggling with my words today to describe this, let me try again and add some figures to back me up. When you have over 500 million active users on Instagram, and you want to keep them active on your platform. And after conducting market research, you give them what they love. All within Instagram, making it the new Bad Ass of Social Media and keep your users engaged and active. Happy active engaged users equals more ad revenue for Instagram. It’s pretty genius if you ask me. But what I would really love to know is what is Snapchat’s next move going to be. Or better yet why Instagram did not just eliminate the competition and buy out Snapchat?

Enough with the questions. Don’t get left behind.

So here is how to get yourself up to speed and not miss out on yet another social media platform that you can use to build a tribe and grow your business.

How to get started with the Instagram Stories Feature:

Introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.

With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want. You can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.

ThabiNyoni_Instagram StoriesYou’ll see stories from people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed — from your best friends to your favorite popular accounts. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.

ThabiNyoni_InstagramstoriesTo view someone’s story, just tap on their profile photo. It’s easy to view stories at your own pace: tap to go back and forward or swipe to jump to another person’s story. If you want to comment on something you see, you can tap and send a private message to that person on Instagram Direct. Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments.

The like and comment option are missing from the IG Stories

Your story follows the privacy settings of your account. If you set your account to private, your story is visible only to your followers. However, you can also easily hide your entire story from anyone you don’t want to see it, even if they follow you. When watching your own story, swipe up to check out who’s seen each photo and video. You can even choose to feature a particular part of your story by posting it on your profile.

Instagram has always been a place to share the moments you want to remember. Now you can share your highlights and everything in between, too.

Don’t see Instagram Stories yet on your profile, hang on tight. Its coming your way as Instagram Stories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.

To learn more, book a Client Strategy Session with me.

Click link to reserve your spot. Only 15 spots available for August 2016.

Follow me on Instagram as I cover more business tips as I discover them using Instagram Stories.




Passive Income Systems Setup

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ThabiNyoni- Learn to EarnOn this Monday morning, I’d like to inspire you as a business owner to always be evolving in what you do. In today’s world there are so many ways to add revenue to the bottom line. I will go over how to set up your passive income systems, that will put your sales into auto pilot and generate revenue for you over and over again.

Today I woke up to 5 PayPal notifications on my iPhone.  Well it made me smile, as I realized, while I slept my business continued. Hey, I mean you could go to bed and dream of making money. I simply, went to bed and woke up to PayPal notifications. Talk about starting your day right. Well wait a minute that doesn’t sound right. I am actually a very humble person but I thought to write this blog post to highlight the value of having systems in place that work for you while you are not working. Systems that allow you to create a passive income revenue stream.

This is very important to me. Why? It allows me to free up my time and spend valuable hours with my children, so that I do not miss them growing up and blame it on the business. Having systems in place allows me time for them. Systems that allow us to travel and if setup correctly continue generating passive income while we are away.

So when I say I wake up happy to PayPal notifications, does not mean I only live for them but they allow me the luxury to be the best mum possible to my children. So yes, the notifications put a smile on my face along with everything else that makes me smile each morning. I do not want to bore you with the details or else we will easily move from a business blog post to multiple stories about my children.

So I decided to blog about it here with you and share how this Serial Business Owner a.k.a. Multi-passionate Business Woman makes money while she sleeps.

What systems do I have in place that allow the automation of purchases even when I am not working?

I am a Multi-passionate Business Woman. I find opportunities to make money or invest in. However the formula is the same regardless of what industry you are in or what niche you serve.

Get a URL, put together a few pages, launch and sit back while the money comes in. Right? Wrong!

Design a Landing Page

There is an old saying build it and they will come! Sadly this is not quite the case in business. You have to put in more work than just yay I have a website. They will mysteriously find it and I will make a killing in sales. Keep reading to see why your website is relevant to you making money while you sleep.

Build your Mailing List

Use social media to build a following of your ideal customers. Choose a platform that your idea customers hangout on. Post consistently and establish your expertise. Use the 80:20 formula. 80 percent of your posts should be giving value and showing off your expertise. 20 percent of your posts should be call to action posts. That is, posts which end with a call to action. An action you want your ideal potential customer to take. This is gold! You are using this to send your target audience to your website that you have ready to capture their email address and add their email to your mailing list.

ThabiNyoni- learn to earn - Inspiration Quote - passive income automation

Nurture your Email Subscribers/ Setup an Email Sequence.

There are email providers that you can setup a free account to nurture your new email subscribers by setting up an email sequence to nurture these leads. You want to do this so that you are warming them up for the sale. Leading them through a series of emails that you have scheduled. It could a new product that you are launching and only members of your email list can purchase ahead of time at a special price before you make it live on the website at full price. It could be a flash sale promotion or discount code they can apply at check out.

This is all setup once and just let the email processor take care of the rest.

Setup a PayPal Account to Process your Passive Income

You will need a PayPal account setup to process your sale. Create a button that you can add to your website or email sequence that they can click on and process payment. It is important to keep everything very simple and easy for the customer to easily complete the sale. You want to build interest in your email sequence so that they are throwing their credit card at you to process. Make sure your offer is irresistible. Add bonuses. Adding more value to your offer. Ensure you highlight that this offer is time sensitive, e.g. purchase before 11:59PM before the regular price of $XXX.XX becomes effective. Stick to your timeline and make no exceptions.

Create An Irresistible Free Gift

An irresistible free gift helps move your ideal potential customer of your social media platform onto your landing page and they exchange their email address for this free gift. Now that you have lured them for your free gift. Now you can market to them directly in their inbox!

In my signature program Social Media + Sales Funnels = $uccess I go over the this in more detail step by step and you learn how to set this up so that you wake up happy to payment notifications for your business. Going into autopilot allows you to take time to enjoy the things that matter most to you, in my case it is spending time with my family and allows us to enjoy life, take vacations and work from whereever.

ThabiNyoni signature program social media + sales funnels = success for passive income revenue

Want to learn to earn money while you sleep? I have reserved a seat for you at my next full day Mastermind on Jul 8th, 2016. Click here for more information and save yourself a spot.


Social Media and Sales Funnels

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Social Media Strategies and Sales Funnels = SUCCE$$™

ThabiNyoni - Social Media +Sales funnel=Success - Blog Title

Businesses are using Social Media strategies to engage their audience. Collect audiences information and nurturing this audience by using Sales Funnels.  Sales Funnels are key to the success of our campaign, they are an email marketing sequence communicating automatically with your audience. This sequence can be used to introduce products, exclusive discounts or services. Businesses are seeing success in their marketing campaigns when they implement this strategy. You can too by setting up your Social Media Strategy and Sales Funnel Sequence.

Social Media has become a core value for many businesses. Gone are the days when it was associated with employees slacking off on the job. Gone are the days when it was frowned upon to be on Facebook during office hours. It has become more acceptable and in some organizations a whole department or team has been created to run Social Media Campaigns. And in other companies they have taken the added step of Build Communities and Engaging the customer. The key however is to be authentic.

We2 - The Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange

On April 29th, I have the honor of speaking at The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange® (We2® ), a renowned Montreal Association for Female Entrepreneurs and Creative Business Owners:

Social Media + Sales Funnels = SUCCE$$™

3D-Book - ThabiNyoni - salesfunnelClick here for more info on how you can join us to listen in on this Live Presentation.

If you are looking to be successful online and mark your presence in the online realm this is a must attend event for you.

Today’s market comprises of Millennials. It is our role as business owners to master how to sell to them.  If they do not like what the see, who you are, your online presence isn’t up to speed, you might as well close shop. They are not buying from you.

Research has shown that old marketing methods are dying. Networks are struggling to fill up advertising space. Newspaper companies are slowing becoming a dinosaur. They are moving into the digital space. How can you use Social Media to build your following and convert these into dollars in your bank account?

Click here to register for Social Media + Sales Funnels = SUCCE$$™ . I can’t wait to see you on April 29th, 2016 at the beautiful Restaurant Ossiano.


Next, prep by following @ThabiNyoni on Instagram and watch me count down to Friday April 29th, 2016.


10 Must Read Quotes from the ‘Year of Yes’ Book by Shonda Rhimes

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10 Must Read Quotes from ‘Year of Yes’ book by Shonda Rhimes


I am so happy that Year of Yes is on my reading list this year. I just finished reading Chapter Five of this amazing book by Shonda Rhimes and I felt that the entire chapter needs to be a book on its on. It evoked so much raw emotion within me and it felt as if it was written just for me, well if I take a step further and dream a little, it felt as if it is an extract from my life!


Just in case you have no idea who Shonda Rhimes is, She is the TV writer responsible for Thursday Nights on ABC. She has 3 shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. She also created Private Practice, which is no longer airing. Its safe to say I have been a fan of ShondaLand since the very beginning and I am an absolute fan of her work. It’s only a natural fit that I am thoroughly enjoying her book. And getting to know her on what seems a personal level. I’m just going to dream that we are the best of friends.

Year_of_Yes_Book_Review_by_Thabi_Nyoni _Dreams_Are_Lovely
Allow me a moment to dream a little and imagine Shonda and I discussing her book. You are a great writer Shonda Rhimes.

If you still have not yet read the book, and simple cannot find time to add reading the book to your list of things to do. Nevertheless this is a worthy read for you. This chapter is her Dartmouth Commencement Speech that she delivered for the first time at Dartmouth University.  A speech she feared giving, but am I so glad she did!


Join me as I share my favorite quotes from Chapter 5:


1. ‘Keeping up with 3 Children, sleeping, working and trying to do it all well has been kicking my ass lately’ – Shonda Rhimes


This feels like an extract from my life.

I have 2 children under the age of 5 and my business to run. This takes up a lot of time. I have to make conscious decisions, so that neither suffer too much but in the end there is always a choice to be made. Either I miss bedtime story telling while I am at a networking event on a weeknight or I miss the networking event and read the bedtime story and miss the opportunity to network with Montreal Business Owners. You see without networking not much business would come my way. And without reading that Frozen story to my kids for the 400th time, I am missing out on my imaginary prestigious mummy of the year award. As you can tell it is a double edged sword.

Why must having a family and a business be so hard?! Why must there be choices?!

Sometimes the decisions are hard. Last week, I cleared my entire day to attend my daughter’s first day on the ice and sit and cheer her on, as she tried skating with her classmates. I am so happy I cleared my calendar to be there for her. She was so happy I was there and was even happier I did not tell her I had to go to work. The reality is, I scored ten points here and maybe a  few more for bonus. As you can imagine that means I lost points elsewhere.  You see, clearing my entire calendar to be there means, the dishwasher did not get loaded, no beds were made, there was no income generated, I did not write a blog post, I did not post anything to Social Media. I left it all for another day, just because as a female business owner, those are choices that can be made. Finding the happy medium is what I strive for as I continue to build an empire that my children’s children will inherit.


2. ‘The Mommy scorecard is a thing I keep in my head, on it is an imaginary series of zeros and tens that gets dished out by some imaginary judge-y bitch who looks an awful lot like me.’ – Shonda Rhimes



Yes! This surely made me laugh at 12 midnight – it’s so true. Why do we judge ourselves so much as mothers? Why does the scorecard matter so much? Why do these little people thug at our feelings so much. They are my ultimate reason everyday. And sometimes I must score myself a fail or a pass. I get a lot of fails. I’m gunning for the tens. How to attain those tens and not lose revenue? That is the true question of the day. I have found writing it all down helps. Mapping it out, creating a plan. When it is written down I can see it all clearly in black and white what needs to be done. The reality is, there are only 24 hours in a day. Of those 24 hours I must sleep too. So this is when my to do list gets a reality check. This is when the ish hits the fan.

What’s most important?

What brings in the money?

What can wait one more day?


3. ‘The only mommy I am ever at war with is me.’ – Shonda Rhimes


Thank you Shonda. I needed this gentle reminder. Forget everyone else. If there is one thing I know, I am their only mother, Stop scoring yourself Thabi and start mothering the best way that you can. Don’t look over the hedge or fence to see how the mother next door is doing, or the one posting their ever so perfect family life on Facebook. Make yourself the best mommy you can only be. And don’t be so hard on yourself. You only live once. Enjoy every memory you make with them. So you got home after they fell asleep yesterday. But did they not just wake up to your smile and warm embrace?! It is not always greener on the other side. Get up, put on your lipstick and do this the best way you know how. That’s all you can do really.

4. ‘Dreams are for Losers.’ – Shonda Rhimes


I think I literally just woke the entire neighborhood up with my ‘laugh out loud’ to this. This was simply hilarious. Shonda is such a genius with her words. You never know what you are going to read next and she just keeps going. The reason this made me laugh is yes, I am a dreamer. I have so many dreams written down in my planners. Some I have accomplished. Some are on the ‘to-do’ list from whenever I have extra time. I have banked millions of dollars in these dreams. I even have balance sheets to prove it. But after reading this, it was a knock on the head. Stop dreaming and start doing. Stop it with the excuses. Time to execute. The best time to get started is now. Send out that proposal, go for that lunch date, launch that product, the best time is NOW! Everything is else will fall into place surely.

5. ‘Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting ephemeral. Pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.’ – Shonda Rhimes


There, did you hear that, Shonda just popped my balloon. Pop! Bye bye dreamer. What are you doing about your dream?


6. ‘Lesson one: Ditch the dream, be a doer, not a dreamer.’ – Shonda Rhimes


Easier said than done. How can I become more of a doer. How can I become more productive each day. How can I stop dreaming of all the wonderful things I want to accomplish. Simple. Visioning the end result and going after it. Yes there are going to be failures along the way, but the lesson here is to start and adjust the dream as you go along. How can you achieve your dream with two children? Work out a plan and a schedule and oh goodness me try to stick to it. That snow day will come along and they will be home so you will get no work done. Allow yourself moments to just go of schedule and enjoy their laughter and the mess they make too.


7. ‘Focus on something outside yourself.’ – Shonda Rhimes


Don’t be that person who wakes up one day and wonders where time went. How can you spend your time making a change? How can you help improve other people’s lives?


8. ‘Whenever you see me somewhere succeeding in one area of my life, that almost certainly means that I’m failing in another area in my life’ – Shonda Rhimes


Argggggghhhhh, this made my heart heavy, OMG she is a real person, she can pay countless people to help her succeed, but did she really just say she is …’failing in another area in my life.’ Wow. Such honestly. How many of us mums can say this out loud right now? We fear being laughed and judged more than confessing to this truth. I taking Shonda Rhimes lead and saying out loud.


9. ‘If I am succeeding at one, I am inevitably failing at the other.’ – Shonda Rhimes


 ‘You can still wake up every single morning and go “I have three amazing kids and I have created work that I am proud of and I absolutely love my life and I would not trade it for anyone else’s life ever.’ – Shonda Rhimes



We must always look within and praise ourselves. Look at your life and see what makes you smile. I am smiling. I am blessed. I will continue to work hard and watch my dreams come to life.


10. ‘My dreams did not come true, but I worked really hard, And I ended up building and empire out of my imagination.’ – Shonda Rhimes.

Year_of_Yes_Book_Review_by_Thabi_Nyoni_Wake_Up_My Dreams_Did_Not_Come_True

Wow moment here. Insert explosive fireworks and an audience applauding her. Yes, Shonda you did. Created a whole Shondaland. A whole Day dedicated to you each and every week – Thursday Nights. Ok, can I confess Shonda if I may. I am an epic fan of all your shows. But I am 2 seasons behind on Scandal. I can’t even believe I just typed that. How can I, Thabi is 2 seasons behind. 2 whole seasons? Not 2 whole episodes but seasons. What have I been doing.  I need to catch up. But you keep going and not stopping. Now I need to take a vacation just to watch Netflix and binge watch your greatness. I am feeling left out. I am trying to build my empire. So for now that means bye bye TV shows and movies. I can’t watch you and dream at the same time and hope everything aligns itself. You see, Shonda, I am your perfect viewer. I get you? You make me laugh and cry.


Bonus Quote – ‘Be Brave. Be amazing. Be Worthy.’ – Shonda Rhimes


Yes we have to be brave, there are days that the tears and mascara will drip down, pick yourself up, be amazing and worthy. Live each day the best way you can.

How can you make it all work. It’s time to review your processes and see what can you automate? What can be delegated? Where do I start? You simply cannot do it all yourself. I have learnt this over and over again. There is just no way to teach all of this in a blog post, which is why I offer One on One Pick My brain Sessions, to help you get started on our journey of becoming a doer and ditching the dream!


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How to Watch Periscope On Your Desktop

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ThabiNyoni's Periscope Tips

Are You Enjoying Watching Periscope Like I Am?

Periscope is my new Netflix hangout. Instead of watching a Movie on Netflix,I have found myself turn more and more to Periscope as a resource and also a source of really amazing people. The possibilities are endless. How to Make Up Experts, Cooking Shows and Education resources. As Marie Forleo said :

I am constantly learning on Periscope, every single day. Periscope broadcasts are only available for only 24 hours and sometimes some of the ‘Periscopers’ drive demand by not keeping their scopes online after they end their LIVE broadcast. This forces you to watch them live.

Here is where I have found a challenge. I have been using my iphone 6 plus cellphone to watch Periscope but here with comes 2 challenges:

My Cellphone Constantly Needs Charging

Well as you know how the story goes, I have noticed that each time I am on Periscope, my battery drains so fast that I have to keep it constantly plugged in to avoid my cellphone from powering down in the middle of a broadcast.

My 6G Cellphone Data Is No Longer Enough to Sustain My Lifestyle

I am always on the go, that means I am not always in a WIFI zone and therefore I rely on my cellphone plan to keep me connected. Last month, to my utter shock, I received the following text message mid month from my cellphone provider :

Hi, It;s Fido, you have used up 90% of your monthly data. If you think you’ll need more, call 611 so we can find the best plan for you.

What! Instant panic mode right. I have had this plan for over 4 years and have never gone over. Pretty much I would use 1G- 2G per month. I liked having the larger plan just in case I ever needed more. That moment finally arrived.

Then a few hours later I received the following text message of doom from my cellphone provider again:

Hi, it’s Fido, You have used up all of your data for the month. Additional data is $10/500MB. Need more? Call 611 so we can find the best plan for you.

What! OMG! It is only mid month, how will I survive. First step, turn off cellphone data. Second step call FIDO and simply buy a larger plan. I am not adjusting my data usage that’s for sure. So I call, Fido and guess what, they do not have a larger data plan. My question, ” How much is your unlimited data plan?” The answer from the friendly customer service rep, who secretly enjoys giving people this answer each time. “There is no unlimited data plan, if you need more data it is an extra $10/500MG.” Oh no, that is certainly not going to work for me. We need a better data plan. What is your highest available data plan. Its 6G! Right, so pretty much this month is going to be a data free month, as I had used it all up and FIDO wants to use this as a money making skim. I hear in USA there are unlimited data plan. So its not impossible. The Canadian cellphone companies just choose not to provide it. Time to find plan B.

Using Periscope on your Desktop:

Plan B, is to watch your Periscopes on your desktop. Go to

This is hmmm, not the best option as you are limited to only watching the broadcast. Commenting and tapping hearts is disabled on your desktop. The alternative is, not watching Periscope at all, so this works out for me just fine. As the saying goes,

Beggers are not choosers.

It gets better. I promise. I found that by switching over to my desktop this frees up my cellphone and I can use it while listening to a broadcast. And using the desktop saves my batter life as well. Awesome.

The added bonus benefit of using Periscope on your desktop, is that you can multitask and continue working in another browser/tab. Periscope will continue to play in the background. That’s right, you can check emails, Facebook and anything else you are working on while you are on Periscope. This is simply perfect. I can multitask and listen to Periscope broadcasts as I work.

And finally guess what, that is automatically less data usage. This is an awesome work around to my current data situation.

Hopefully you found this blog post helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments below.