Team Canada Opening Ceremony Rio 2016

Day 13 of the Olympics in Rio and it has been a great 13 days that had me dusting my remote control and actually watching day time TV.

Pause to ‘Netflix and binge’ watching sessions and bye bye Paw Patrol for my two toddlers, as mummy took back the remote control for just a week. I found myself watching these Olympic games as I do every 4 years, but this time was a little different. Firstly I am 4 years older than the last games and secondly access to the TV has been limited due to the kids. They pretty much run the show around here.

After day 2 they pretty much got the message and now started to enjoy watching the Olympics with mummy.

Thabi Nyoni Olympics 2016

What was most interesting to watch, was my kids competitive spirit and creativity come out. I had a few marathons go down in my hallway. I think I saw them pretend swimming on the floor, as they both had the backstroke going on at some point. I guess that is easier with the imaginary pool.

My daughter turned our backyard into the 100M track. I had to count how many seconds it took her to run from the cabana to the gate and back. She was aiming for 1 second. It actually took 18 seconds. At this point she quit because she really wanted to make it back in 1 second. She went on to attempt a second time and made it back in 20 seconds. She threw in the towel and went off to another activity. So her record best time was 18 seconds or is it her personal best. Today I am using Olympics lingo. Just because that’s all I have heard for the last 13 days.


Here is what I have learned from the Olympics:

  1. How to negotiate with a toddler for the TV remote.
  2. Shaunae Miller has taught me to do what ever it takes to win! Dive across the finish line and have the critics look up the rules just so they find something to say about your dive. shaunae-miller-dives for gold Thabi Nyoni
  3. Usain Bolt is actually a very friendly guy. Andre De Grasse from Team Canad
  4. Demonstrated twice first time with Wayde van Niekerk of South African and secondly with our very own Andre De Grasse from Team Canada. Whooooo hoooooo. Forgive me for cheering there but I must wave Canadian flag with pride. Andre De Grasse from Team Canada and Usain Bolt
  5. Fashion is a thing at the Olympics, make up, glitter eye shadow, those hair bands, country colors for hair extensions, tatoos , so much to see.
  6. There is a thing called a podium sweep. That’s when all three medals, gold, silver and bronze go to one country. Ok then teamUSA thanks for the quick lesson on how to dominate the entire competition.
  7. Community over competition is not just a hashtag its an actual thing shown through the Olympics. Andre De Grasse from Team Canada and Usain Bolt of Jamaica
  8. It’s ok to out do your seniors, mentors, Elaine Thompson of Jamaica who won gold and Shelly-Ann Fraiser-Pryce won silver.
  9. I should have really taken my high jump and long jump skills seriously. Who knows I could have won a medal for Zimbabwe.