Strategic Planning To Gain Views On Youtube

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As an online business strategist, I am always curious to figure how things work. Nothing is really by chance. All those YouTube accounts with millions of subscribers did not happen just by chance. It takes a lot of work but it all starts with STARTING.

If you do not try, give it a shot, you will not know the outcome. However, the first step is always to take that leep of faith. Upload that video and watch the results. A week ago today, we witnessed one of the most watched weddings of the year, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Notice what I just did there, I just reference to his Royal Highness and her Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I strategically used their names and added them to this post so that I can later add their names to my tags, helps with the google ranking of this article. Another reason, their wedding is one of the most googled search phrases right now, so I am strategically riding on their coat tails so to speak.

The same applies in your business and in this case your YouTube Channel.

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YouTube Views

Guilty confession, I was testing out YouTube, figuring out how to master this platform that I honestly have not given much thought, however, I need to master it so, in order to inturn advise my clients. One key element with YouTube is to continuously be posting videos. Please note, not just random videos, but strategic videos, videos that speak to your audience. Know your audience and what questions they are asking in order to answer that question with a video.

YouTube has a high price to gain monetary exposure from this platform directly from YouTube, but it provides a global platform like no other to build your audience and sell to them via your websites or affiliate links.

… But how?

Simple, on YouTube you need to accumulate 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers, on your channel within 12months, before you can start making money from YouTube. Honestly that’s a lot of hours. It is not impossible, however it takes strategic planning. My video has earned me 1,000 hours and over 30,000 views as I type this post. This video is organic and is growing all on its own, and these stats are only from one week. I predict within a year I will have accumulated the 4,000 hours required to monetize this channel. However my work is not done. There is also the question of how to accumulate the 1,000 subscribers.

…How did a YouTube Channel with no SUBSCRIBERS gain over 60,000 views in 7 days?

Seems impossible right?! Everything is possible with a strategy in play.

Tips to gain views for your video:

  1. Use of a controversial title, while everyone else was posting videos on Meghan and Harry, I picked a different angle altogether, however still relative to the Royal Wedding.
  2. Using a catchy custom YouTube Thumbnail also known as click bait
  3. Use of the Royal Wedding, a globally viewed event and joining the conversation ahead of the crowd to gain views
  4. Use of YouTube Studio and tracking how your video is doing, adjust where needed.
  5. Add additional videos related to the topic and create a playlist to keep viewers on your channel. Adds more than views as well to your other channels.
  6. Engage with your viewers, ask them to subscribe to your channel
  7. Use the description area to your advantage, you have up to 5,000 characters in the description section, so ensure to add all relevant information along with links to your other social Media platforms. This will ensure the viewer/subscribers sees your brand in other platforms as well as they become familiar with your brand. Tip – adding a link to a paid or free product will help monetize this channel on your website and grow your revenue.

Want to know how to apply this to your specific channel. I go into more detail in my eBook available here.

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Why I Love What I Do and Why You Should Too.

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Why I Love What I Do

There is such an adrenaline rush I get when I speak to women in business and show them how by changing their business tools and using resources will help them overall.

What gives me an even bigger rush is when they implement these strategies and see the results. That alone, seeing my clients get results and watch their business transform and grow, that is my ultimate satisfaction.

When I talk to online business owners, a lot of them tell me why they are frustrated and that nothing they have tried on their own is working for them.

I get it, because I have been in the same boat! I have not always been the confident woman in business. In fact I started out with no clue if anything at all will work as I had planned.

But somehow along the way, I saw results and this propelled me to track my performance and repeat the success model, with that I started helping others solving their “business problems”.

I realized that many of the people who were coming to me for help had one thing in common, a desire to succeed and do better but they were overworked and super stressed trying to figure everything out on their own. Trying to learn every Social Media platform there is, spending time trying to do their own book keeping, trying to work out their mailing processes. All this contributed to their stress levels and took time from what it is they actually where good at.

That’s about the time that I started offering coaching services and teaching other women in business digital strategies

and Why You Should Too

I realized that I was now helping women to earn more in their businesses, so they could take better care of their families financially and in turn afford to hire experts to help in the areas they were not so great at and free up their precious time to do what they really were good at.

This is why I love what I do!

And it all started with my passion and teaching women in business how to be successful using what they already have.

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and benefit from helpful tips that you can start to implement today by creating a passive income revenue source.