Don’t Go To Disney Without This You Will Thank Me Later

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Thinking of heading to Disney?

December marks one of the most anticipated months of the year for retailers and online stores alike. A time that seasonally has shoppers headed into brick and mortar stores to buy that perfect gift for a loved one. A time for travel plans for some to avoid the winter cold weather or simply a break from it all. Thinking of going to Disney for the Christmas break with the kids? Not a bad idea if you ask me. Any reason to go to Disney is a good idea, but a strategy plan for your trip will make this trip worth the while to you.

Travelling away during the holidays can be great for your mindset. Use the time away to reflect on your accomplishments, unplug, give yourself permission to take a break and most importantly a time to get into the holiday spirit. Your business can still survive if you take some time off. And sometimes we just need to hear someone say that to us. It won’t happen magically off course. This requires a bit of planning before you take off. Wondering how you can accomplish this too and actually take a week or two off. We can schedule a 1 on 1 session and discuss this in detail.

In case you have not noticed yet, the holiday season is here and with it comes the hustle and bustle of the seasons. Setting up systems that run automatically during the holiday break is a great idea and can be used over and over again for any other time of the year.

Then there are of course holiday party invitations, gifts from clients, gifts to clients, suppliers, friends and family. This can get very overwhelming and expensive very quickly.

One of the Canadian traditions during this time of the year is to take advantage of the school break and travel South. Where the temperature is nothing but warmth and inviting. An opportunity to escape from the snow and the busiest time of the year. Take of some pressure and just simple relax in the sun!

Do not forget this when you go, it was one of the essential things that made our trip most memorable.

Not going to Disney? You can still enjoy the experience by watching our highlights here: